Missionary & Cross-Cultural Worker

Sending workers into foreign countries has been at the heart of of Christian activities from the the day Jesus called his followers to go into all the world and make disciples. According to trusted sources there are approximately 400 000 Christian Missionaries and cross-cultural workers in the world today. The majority of these workers are recruited, trained and cared for by a host of sending agencies, humanitarian organisations, NGOs and para-church organisations.


However, there is a growing number of evangelical churches that are taking the call to the nations very personal, and who feel that “missions” should be local-church based rather than being outsourced to large organisations. As a result of this trend there is a growing number of independent missionaries and Christian aid workers that have been sent out by a loving church family that often lacks the experience and resources to properly train and maintain their workers in foreign fields. As a result there are many casualties of workers ending in crisis situations such as burnout, family dramas, spiritual and psychological bondages etc. Often they are being recalled in a state of brokenness, having lost any sense of purpose and identity and often leaving church ministry and sometimes even their faith in God.


This is where VoG Member Care comes in. We have walked this road before for many years and would love to partner with you, the small church that is taking the call to the nations seriously, but you really don’t know where to begin and how to equip and prepare those among you that have heard the Call and are ready to go into all the world.


Missionary member care is a branch of VoG member care.

Purpose: Providing care for field-workers serving in foreign cultures before they go out, as well as walking with them on their journey while they are there.


Personal or online training for both the sender and the ones being sent. 


All about preparation.

What we wish someone had told us before we went about things like: spiritual preparation - Physical preparation - raising financial support as well as prayer support - Health insurance and health care - schooling and home schooling - maintaining a healthy family life - how to deal with cultural and spiritual adversities - and many other topics that will help you finish well.


For churches and sending agencies 

How to be a responsible sender - mutual expectations - staying connected - re-entry process and furloughs. Check with us for providing the perfect care-package for you and the ones you send.


On-site visits

We can schedule regular as well as emergency visits with you wherever you are.