"Many leaders try to shove spiritual transformation into nooks and crannies of a life that is already unmanageable, rather than being willing to arrange their lives for what their hearts most want."

Ruth Haley Barton 


Do you find yourself sacrificing your heart and soul for the sake of ministry? 

Creating space to hear from God is the most strategic thing you can do in such uncertain times. Join a movement of leaders who know the best thing they bring to leadership is their own transforming self. 


Leadership, by its very nature, places us in a position where our spirituality and ability to lead are constantly being scrutinized and evaluated. This online course on Spiritual Formation has been designed to be a safe place far outside your leadership setting in which to attend to our own souls’ needs, and was originally designed for the leaders within the Vineyard movement in the Nordics. 

The first course is Spiritually Healthy Leadership, and will run for 4 weeks, from August 24 to September 18, 2020.

This course is for any leader or aspiring leader longing for a deeper relationship with Jesus, and it could become the starting point to an inward journey that will transform you into the very person God designed you to be. Since our spiritual formation will always be reflected in our leadership this is especially meaningful for you as pastor, home group leader or ministry leader.

Week 1: Introduction to the concept of Spiritual Formation
Week 2: How is your Soul? Understanding the movements of your soul
Week 3: Life is a journey - Choosing to explore our inner life
Week 4: Spiritual Disciplines as a place to discover Jesus - and ourselves

This course includes 4 webinars, plus  reading, listening, watching, contemplating, journaling and discussions with the other participants in a forum. Daily workload will be around 20 to 30 minutes from Monday to Friday - you decide when to fit it in your day. Whenever you are ready each day you simply log into the training platform where you will find the material and study questions for that week.

Every participant will receive personal attention and direction for the duration of the course.


We will launch on Monday, August 24 at 19:00 with a one-hour webinar on Zoom. The other webinars are August 31, September 7 and 14.

Course Fees: 450SEK (voluntary)

Participation is limited to 25 students, and the registration deadline is August 17.

You can register here: