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Your Journey Matters

Path in the woods

Even as a young man I understood that my story was just a bit out of the ordinary.

Initially, I just wanted to tell the story for our seven children, but then I realized that it might become a blessing for others out there as well. Especially for those who wrestle with their own insecurities and low self- esteem, I trust this story will be an encouragement to you. The words, ”I hate my life!” should never pass the lips of any person, least of all a believer in a sovereign God.

I was only eighteen when I thought my life was no longer worth living, but then something unbelievably incredible happened! Every life is a gift from God, and as such it is worth living, for He never creates anything without purpose. It is my prayer that even while you read about my journey you would discover more about your own, and your true purpose here in this life.

On this voyage I have crossed paths with far more people than I could ever mention. I am fully aware that every person I have ever met has in some way contributed to the outcome of this journey. I may have forgotten your name, or even what you look like, but there is Someone who has not, and never will.

We would love to hear more about your journey, and in some way contribute to it. Remember, no one is supposed to be out there on their own!

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