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Painful Injustice


We all have been in situations where we suffered some kind of injustice. Maybe you were falsely accused as a child and punished for it. Someone blamed you for a grave mistake at work, and you were the one being fired. False rumors had been spread about you, and your image and reputation got tarnished as a result.

A number of years ago i was hit by a drunk motorcycle driver in Thailand. It was after dark and my car was almost standing still at the time, when a black bike without lights slammed into the side of my station wagon. Most of my windows shattered, and out of the corner of my eye I could see a dark shape flying over the roof of the car. It was the driver who landed 10 meters down the road on his head that was not protected by a helmet!

I just had a few glass splinters in my arm, and was able to open my door enough to get out and walk over to the motionless body. I thought for sure he was dead, but when I got closer I heard him groan and I could smell whiskey long before I got there.

The ambulance and police came eventually, my car was impounded, I gave a statement and was ordered to the police station the next morning. What followed was a month-long ordeal unlike anything I had ever experienced. Even though it was established that the driver was drunk and drove an unlicensed vehicle, I was found guilty. I was told I needed to be guilty because I had insurance, and he did not! Since he was one of the bread-winners of his family I was ordered to pay a large sum as compensation, plus the repair of my own car.

The driver was in a coma for several weeks, and I visited him regularly in the hospital. The police had told me that they would arrest me if he died. Eventually he woke up and had a almost full recovery. I thought the ordeal was finally over, but it got worse. According to local law, a civil case turns into a criminal case when the victim is hospitalized for more than 21 days. He was released from hospital on day 22. That afternoon the police gave notice that I was now being sued by the state for attempted manslaughter - however, they would be willing to drop the case for a substantial donation to the police station. After much prayer and consideration it became clear that I could never fight them in court, and we ended up haggling over the appropriate amount for the donation. When it was all over I had paid over $5000 for something I did not do.

I had one big question for God: "Why did you allow this to happen, and why did you not help me to get justice?"

His answer came quick and surprising. I my mind's eye I saw the faces of thousands of migrant workers from Burma being exploited by local companies because they had no papers. I saw the suffering of whole tribal villages, whose old people were killed, their women raped, and the men taken as slaves by militant forces of the junta in Myanmar.

And then, very gently came a voice that said, "I wanted you to taste what it feels like to have no justice, so that you could have compassion for the millions around the world that will never know what justice means!" In the end I could only thank God for opening my eyes and touching my heart.

Just yesterday we celebrated the greatest victory over evil when our Lord was raised from the dead. But we so easily forget the path that lead to it. Sinless and innocent Jesus died a cruel death - the greatest example of injustice in the history of mankind, so that we could be justified and made righteous with our Father in Heaven.

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