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Help - I am hearing Voices!

We have all seen it before - the picture of the guy with a little angel on one shoulder, and a devil with a pitchfork on the other. This is often made to look funny (Example: The Emperor's New Groove) and is brushed aside as childish and irrational. But actually, this picture is much closer to the truth than we want to admit. Come to think of it, Jesus himself heard both the audible voice of God the Father and that of Satan.

Just because we consider ourselves children of God does not mean that it is impossible for the believer to hear the voice of the devil. Of course, you and I are not important enough for Satan to try and tempt us personally, so he sends some of his minions (demons) to do the job for him. On the other hand we know that God through His Spirit speaks to us on a regular basis, and through many different channels. Even though God mainly speaks to us from our spirit within, while the enemy can only speak to us from the outside, both voices are being processed by the sam organ - our mind (brain)!

It is true that the human mind is the greatest of all battle fields, because both good and evil decisions come from there and lead to actions - some of which can change the course of history, and affect many people. As I have said to my students many times: “The decisions you make in life are never just for yourself, but will always impact others…”.

Here are three things to help you understand and overcome the enemy:

  • Hearing the enemy’s voice doesn’t mean something is wrong. Satan loves to speak to us and then accuse us of hearing him. In John 10:5 Jesus actually says that his followers will hear the voice of the enemy. Learn to process the voice of the enemy when you hear it, instead of feeling like there is a problem with you.

  • Don’t internalize the voice of the enemy. Another common tactic the enemy does is speak to us and then try and convince us those thoughts are coming from ourselves. He always tries to subvert our identity as sons and daughters of God and convince us we’re less than that. John 10:10 gives us the criteria— anything that sounds like death, loss or destruction comes from the enemy. Don’t buy the lie it’s coming from you. It’s not.

  • Understand the enemy always lies. If the enemy can only attack you with lies, then realize the opposite is always the truth. If the enemy attacks you with fear the truth is you’re not fearful! Take what he says and recognize the truth. Meditate and pray over that truth with God and let it be formed in you. In this way even the enemy is strengthening our walk with Jesus.

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