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Dreams on Life-Support

I like to take notes. When I listen to a teaching and something really stirs my heart I open my note-app and quickly write it down before it eludes me. Most the time I make reference to who said or wrote it, but sometimes I forget. So this morning as I was looking for something in my notes I came across a quote that caught my attention because I remembered how it touched my heart the first time I heard it some years ago. Can’t remember who said it, but it goes like this:

"When your memories are greater than your dreams you are headed for the grave.”

I am now 63 and have lots of memories. Some are totally amazing (actually, there is a whole book of them… 😉 ), and there is the temptation to think that this is “as good as it gets.” We are living in a culture here in Europe where you step aside and make room for the next generation once you turn 50. I should know, because I have been trying to find a job for the past 6 months and get turned down repeatedly because of my age.

“The best is yet to come…” is a comment I hear over and over, and I have tried to encourage others with it as well. In light of eternity that is certainly true for those who have placed their trust in God, but what about in this life, is there ever a time when we just plateau and from there it is downhill?

I simply refuse to believe that, and here is why:

  1. God had a plan and a purpose for us from before he created the universe and he does not change his mind when we’re 40 and says, “Ok, you’ve reached your destiny, so now you can just chill until you die”.

  2. Though it is true that we might become less active as we grow older, our influence never diminishes until our last breath - for better or for worse. Both Abraham and Moses are examples of what God can accomplish with “old geezers.”

  3. It is through life’s school we have the chance to grow deeper and deeper in our relationship with God and thus create a legacy that will surpass us for generations to come.

So let me ask you this:

Do you still have a dream that is greater than your memories? Or do you feel like you have had your chance but you blew it because of poor choices, lack of courage or unbelief? Those can be temporary setbacks, but they can’t stop God from fulfilling his purpose in your life, if you let him! There is only one way to revive your life-dream: Become intentional in your walk with him - seek help if you need it - and let the winds of the Holy Spirit resuscitate your God-given dreams.

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