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Summer Musings

This is the time of year when many of us get to enjoy some well-deserved down-time. Sadly, for many it is also a time when we regress spiritually, because we have left our rhythm in life for a season, and find it harder to make room for our spiritual man to develop. When we return to our normal routine we often fail to reconnect with our devotional life, and many have to make a real effort to come back to an ongoing conversation with God.

We have just returned from a wonderful week at our annual Vineyard Nordic Summer Camp in the south of Sweden, which is always the highlight of the year for many. I had the privilege to teach two seminars on Spiritual Formation there, and you are welcome to listen to them while they are still up for a while.

So relax in your beach chair, put on some headphones and listen.

Spiritual Formation - What it is and why you need it!

Convergence - When everything falls into place

Next week we will continue our conversation about Spiritual Direction.

If you were at the camp and have signed up for personal spiritual direction you can contact me here to make our first appointmant.

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