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Where The Rubber Meets The Road

I have been a believer for 45 years, and I have learned a thing or two about the Christian life. I love to study and read, and have devoted my life to knowing more about God, His Word, and myself. But when I think about all that I have learned and studied I realise one thing: Probably 98% of all instruction I have received were centered around what I DO as a follower of Jesus.

How to study and understand the Bible, how to share my faith, preach, teach, make disciples, train leaders, pray, intercede, pray for the sick, cast out demons, counsel people, how to reach the unreached in other cultures, how to understand other religions, how to help the poor, and on , and on, and on - you get the picture!

After 3 years of Bible college, another 3 years to work on my Masters, countless classes, courses, seminars and workshops, and after reading hundreds of books I now realise that it was mostly about DOING, and very little about BEING.

We have all heard it before, “God is more interested in what we are than in what we do,” but what does that even mean? And if we agree that this is true, then why have I heard so little about BEING what God wants me to be?

God’s promise to us is all about BEING and BECOMING, about CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION into the likeness of Jesus - and that is where the rubber meets the road!

Our works are important - faith without works is dead - but if our doing does not flow out of who we truly are, then we will forever struggle in living up to what we think God requires from us, and we will forever feel unworthy of His love.

When I discovered spiritual direction it was like a breath of fresh air. All of a sudden the focus was not on what I do, or what I should be doing, but simply on growing in my spirituality - my journey with God as His child! I was encouraged to explore my relationship with Him in the midst of a busy life, and to notice His presence in my daily affairs. At the deepest level, all of us long for a more conscious experience of God’s presence and love.

Gradually, through discovering spiritual formation I began to recognise God’s presence and grace in my life, and discovered that God had been waiting for me to seek this closer relationship much more than my service for Him. Thankfully, I had some help and encouragement, and I continue to draw from these special relationships, for I feel my journey has just begun.

If reading this triggers a deep longing in your soul for a deeper relationship with God, then I encourage to find someone who can walk with you for a season - you won’t regret it.

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